A. A. Radda

Future Novels in The Numin-U'ia Series


     As Alastair Iliov-Nithel battles the faera monarch for the elven right to Faeryland, his brother Gilmar must rescue the princess both Alastair and the monarch have sworn to possess…

     Eidolon Tangle

     A precious document is missing from the Emperor's study, and Gilmar Iliov-Nithel is called upon to find it. He traces it to Eidolon, city of the elves—and chaos results as multiple love triangles, wily imposters, runaway princesses, and a determined kitten enmesh Gilmar in an Eidolon Tangle worse than he ever imagined.

     Burgundy Cap

     Burgundy Cap has rebelled against the Emperor's rule ever since the smugglers who raised her were butchered by an Imperial fleet. Now an infamous brigand, she enjoys catching nobles to hold for ransom, but realizes too late that one of her captives, Imperial Prince Gilmar Iliov-Nithel, will change her life in a terrible way…

     Thalassa, Twist of Three

     Thalassa, daughter of an Imperial heir, is a puzzling combination of three different races. She discovers she is destined to claim a mystical inheritance—but first she must surrender everything she loves.