A. A. Radda

The Numin-U'ia Series and Some Finished Works

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Cairns of Numin-U'ia

        First two books of the Young Adult Fantasy Series

 Alastair, Crown Prince of Elvendomhas waited
 all his life to lead an elven invasion of the
 terrifying Faeryland. Alastair's younger brother
 Gilmar simply wants to prove he isn't worthless.
 And someone wants to destroy them both. After
 the invasion of Faeryland goes bafflingly askew,
 and a devastating fall into a forbidden river
 challenges everything they believe, each brother
 is forced on a desperate search…

 But who will find the elusive Numin-U'ia?

Published by Indrinia Press.
Available wherever books are sold.


     The Dreamcatchers

     Children's dreams are vanishing, and the moonbeams can no longer fill their moon with shining dreamspheres. The tiniest moonbeam goes on a quest to find the one child whose imagination will illuminate the stars.

     The Visionkeeper

     The ancient keeper of other people's lost visions must find his own destiny, and a successor, when he realizes he is dying.

     Sir Sterling the Beneficent & Sir Jonathan the Dreamer

     A whimsical tale that focuses on the magic of illusions as two knights pursue their dreams…and fears…

     The Cookie Caper

     Millionaire Griffin Percival Wingham is abducted by desperadoes, and the ransom note arrives. Can a priceless batch of cookies emerge victorious?

​     Poetry of Numin-U'ia

​     A collection of elven and faera poetry discovered in a mysterious rune-scarred journal and translated from the Numin-U'ian language by  A. A. Radda

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Cairns of Numin-U'ia
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