A. A. Radda

~ I started writing at age six with my first poem 'Waking' and a three-page story 'The Adventures of Mr. X.' When fifteen, I chose to dedicate myself to my two dreams: becoming a concert harpist and pursuing the art of writing.

~ After winning an honorable mention in the Art Affair poetry contest with my Roundel 'Seaspiration' I decided I had reached my peak, and stopped entering poetry contests while I was on top. Instead I began composing different elven and faera poetry forms while working on my fantasy pentology.

~ I also love all things Rubik's cube, Russian, Royalty, Regency era, and Romanov. This leads me to believe I have an addiction to the letter 'R' since even my characters' names almost all either begin or end with it. I've often wondered: does 'writing' begin with an R?

~ Classical, romantic, and celtic music are all very important to my creative process, and there are rumors stating I sing arias for hours at a time when no one is listening…I am in the process of doing intensive research to discover whether I do or not.

~ Other inspirations for writing are crosswords, quotes, my eclectic fairy collection, a growing hoard of stationery, the stacks of books and journals that fill my room, and my persnickety cat and master Mischief, who rules me with an iron paw when she can get away with it.

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